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Are you looking to spread the word about your business online? Well, you definitely are. If not, you better!

One of the most proven ways of achieving this is by using web videos; a form of marketing called online video marketing. This has been proven to present your company information to potential customers in an exciting and lively way.

ConvertionNOW has been studying the online video trend for years now. We have noticed how web videos have become more and more popular as technology becomes more advanced. With people being able to download and view a video in the same amount of time as it takes for them to click on a web page, videos have become the most popularly watched and shared form of media on the Internet.

With the recent statistics showing that more than 53 percent of all content on the web are videos, which are reaching the billions and billions of online visitors and are helping to market and sell many products and businesses across the web; we will help increase the number of conversions that you get exponentially. A conversion refers to when a website visitor becomes a buyer of your products or services. Conversion rates and time spent on your site vary depending on the quality of the video-whether it was professionally made or not. Or has quality and engaging content.

Let us help you capture and hook website visitors to keep them on your web page for longer, as well as increase web conversions and revenue which will drastically increase your sales by getting the message home.

We are here to help you utilize online video marketing. Studies prove that businesses that use this tactic sell more products to visitors and increase the amount of time that visitors stay on their web sites. Also, don’t forget that Google owns the largest video sharing website, YouTube. With that being said, Google rates online videos has high quality content for your website. This can help improve other SEM or SEO marketing you may be doing.  So what are you waiting for? Give us a shout!

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